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Seven R’s of a Repairing Apology

(This poem was inspired by David Chan from SMU on his article on ST Opinion May 6, 2017.) Recognize what you have done Do not trivialise your wrongdoing It’s not a blunder, a judgment error or unbalanced decision It’s integrity and … Continue reading

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Break Up

I choose not to seeThe single tear drop strainingAt the corner of one eyeAs we turn our sightTo the ferocious roar of the MerlionUnleashing the waterfall of emotion thatWe kept, contained somewhere in a corked vessel insideI stretch out my … Continue reading

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The Women Who Got Away by John Updike

As a non-English/Lit grad doing MA, and one who doesn’t read classics, I am lost whenever my lecturer, DW, throws out authors’ names, almost none of whom I have heard of. I can try to catch up but with the … Continue reading

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Down Orchard Road Musing

Friday. 6pm. Orchard Central. It is unusually cool and gusty. I feel the wind on my recently coffee-henna treated hair, the coffee fragrance an olfactory delight, masking the cigarette smoke from the well-groomed office employees congregating around  bins and benches alongside … Continue reading

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Sky Burial – Xin Ran

This was highly recommended by my aunt who shoved me a few book by this author. I don’t particularly like translated work, but this Epic Love Story of Tibet fascinated me. So instead of starting with the book that has made … Continue reading

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Page Three of 2017

Last year this time, I was contemplating getting a full time job. Aaron was hardly at home for me to nag but the retired hubby was around too much. So on 8 Jan 2016, I submitted an application letter to … Continue reading

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Jealousy Incarnate – Korean Drama

She is the queen of romcom – not the sweet looking beauty you get in other Korean dramas but good looking in an ordinary sort of way that female audience can identify and yet not resent. Gong Hyo Jin is … Continue reading

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