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La La Land – Movie Review 

It was touted as a feel good movie with definite Oscar potential. Well,  midway during the movie I was looking at the clock.  I love a good old fashioned romance movie and I think the Koreans and Thai have nailed … Continue reading

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巫启贤 相约在华中 Concert

My yoga mate asked if I knew about this concert, which she had read in the Chinese papers. I hadn’t and didn’t expect to go until another friend H, whose child is also studying in HCI asked me if I … Continue reading

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灵听Alex Su 苏心筌 – A review

This is a long-awaited CD for me. Having been singing publicly for twenty years, the release of this CD fulfills another one of Su’s many dreams – becoming a doctor and backpacking around the world being among them. S, a friend … Continue reading

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Tunes of the Butterfly Lovers – by SCO

I always thought Chinese Orchestra was for old people. During my secondary school’s annual concerts, I had felt that to be the most boring performance. To think that I would now actually purchase tickets to watch SCO must say something about my … Continue reading

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纵贯线 – 新加坡站

Saturday night was a reunion of sort with my NUS mates, two of whom I have not seen since I got married. They were Biz Ad classmates of the other two and we used to hang out in pubs like … Continue reading

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This morning as i was driving to yoga, Yes933 played a song that sent a surge of feeling flooding inside me. It was in 1983 that this local song topped the charts. You know how something can trigger a long forgotten … Continue reading

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