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The Lives of Others – German Movie Review

(Warning: Spoiler alert.) This is my homework for screenwriting module, although, after last night’s viewing, I realise my lecturer also played the video partially to us before to illustrate the point on dramatic irony: when the reader has more information on what … Continue reading

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The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki- Movie review

Thank you, Suomi Finland 100, for the tickets to watch my first Finnish film. Finland celebrates its 100th years’ independence on 6 December and this film festival is part of the celebration in Singapore. This film, released in August 2016, is … Continue reading

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Pop Aye – Movie review 

This is heart warming movie about a middle-aged architect and a bull elephant he thinks is his childhood pet,  which he had sold off when he moved to Bangkok.  Like so many middle aged man,  he is made to feel … Continue reading

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A Gift – movie review 

There’s this unexplained tightness in my chest, an emotional magma that is kept under lid which needs a trigger for it to either explode it out in the form of tummy-ached laughter  or heart wrenching cry. Or ooze out less … Continue reading

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Dead Poet Society

A chat group which was formed to organize a Chinese New Year (CNY) gathering among my ex-colleagues was somehow transformed into a Book and Poetry Chat Group after that meeting, as the wisdom and bond which was reinforced outside the workplace, … Continue reading

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Collateral Beauty

Even after the movie ended, I still did not get the meaning of collateral beauty, the phrase which was told to a mother as she prepares for the death of her six-year-old daughter. Do you define collateral beauty as the … Continue reading

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Bridget Jones’s Baby – movie review

It’s been 15 years since the first Bridget Jones movie and twelve years since the second. So it’s no wonder that my companion and me can’t recall why Bridget didn’t end up with Mr Darcy (Colin Firth), whom she met at … Continue reading

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