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Parasite – Korean Movie Review

The local broadsheet papers The Straits Times gave this movie a five-star review. As a writer suffering from writer’s block, I needed some inspiration and decided I could learn something from Korean storytellers and movie makers, whom I feel have … Continue reading

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Be with You – Korean Movie

I miss my Korean Dramas on cable but I am adamant I’m not going to be hooked again. So to satisfy my craving, I reward myself by watching Korean movies, and Be With You, starring my favourite actor Soh Ji-Sub, … Continue reading

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Love in Harvard – Korean Drama 

This is an encore telecast and judging from the tiny mobile phones the actors are using in the drama,  it looks like it was filmed in the early 2000s. Hyun Woo,  son of a prominent lawyer goes to Harvard law … Continue reading

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Oh My Ghost – Korean Drama

OK. I must admit I watch this drama shown over at TVN only because Jo Jung Suk was the main lead. I last saw him on Jealousy Incarnate ( and and really like his cute persona on that drama. Well, he … Continue reading

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Jealousy Incarnate – Korean Drama

She is the queen of romcom – not the sweet looking beauty you get in other Korean dramas but good looking in an ordinary sort of way that female audience can identify and yet not resent. Gong Hyo Jin is … Continue reading

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On the Way to the Airport – Korean Drama

I so love this drama, because it stars two of my favorite actors, Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Ha Neul, as a pair of lovers married to other people and who meet regularly at the airport. She, Sua,  is an Air … Continue reading

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I Have a Lover – Korean Drama

Despite this drama being 50 episodes long, I decided to embarked on the journey because it had two of my favorite as leads – Kim Hyun-joo and Ji Jin Hee. The maturity of the actors brings out the authenticity of the script … Continue reading

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