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Read. Write. Tell. Communities Book Club Dinner 

Until I attended this event last night,  I hadn’t known how much the National Library Board (NLB)  has done to promote reading and writing among the community.  I was invited to the event as I belong to the Singapore Literature … Continue reading

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Birding #2 @ Sungei Buloh

I have been to Sungei Buloh, a wetland reserve a few times but the experience is different going with a birding group. Upon entering the car park, we went in search for the owl who used to lived near the … Continue reading

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Birding #1@ Kranji Marshes

I am lucky to live in a suburb surrounded by lush vegetation and a nature park. I get all sorts of wild life visiting, including monkeys, snakes, and more recently – as I was told by my neighbour – mice, … Continue reading

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Paper Quilling Art Project Step by Step.

Step 1: Choose colourful papers that are not too thick, either from catalogues or newspapers. Step 2: roughly cut into long strips thick strips. I cut this magazine into thirds. Step 3: roll the paper from the corner of the … Continue reading

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Playing Scrabble online on FB

My love for scrabble started with my grandma. She has been playing scrabble for a long time and owns a board probably dating back to the sixties. In my own house, there are at least four different types of scrabble – … Continue reading

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Running the marathon

Yesterday, my KL friend msn-ed me, "Wanna come up for the KL marathon in June?" as if she was asking me to go up for a movie or for makan. I replied that I’m not prepared to run the KL marathon … Continue reading

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The Postman

Ever since I was young girl, i have been obsessed with the postman. I remember at age 9, i took part in a coca-cola contest for fun and an aunt helped me mailed it. Imagine my surprise when the postman … Continue reading

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