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Father’s Day

The phone rang at 7am this morning. My house phone rarely rings, and never this early so I gathered the call was an emergency. My Father-in-law (FIL) had trouble urinating and so my husband, Mike, had to rush down to … Continue reading

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Faberhills Park 

As I sit here at Faberhills playground watching over my niece and nephews, I suddenly realize how much the park,  as we have always called it,  has changed over the forty-plus years since we moved here in 1970. Kids now … Continue reading

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Getting tricked is fun – Trick Eye Museum RWS

Trick Eye Museum, the 3D art museum from Korea that opened in Singapore in June 2014 has revamped their exhibits into six new themes zones under Mystery, Supernatural, Fantasy, Excitement, Fairy tale and Trick World. I was among the lucky … Continue reading

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Picnic @ Istana

There are some who think I Facebook too much and too often. But they don’t realise there are tangible rewards that I receive from it. Firstly, the friend who hosted me in Taipei is someone I got to know via Facebook. … Continue reading

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Gender Stereotyping in Relationship

My next door neighbour is currently renovating the bathrooms for the kids’ room. I say kids here but really, they are adults, the eldest son being 28 and the daughter 26. When I asked about the inconvenience of them sharing … Continue reading

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Narrating Family History

We don’t know why he was picked, other than the journalist contacted him after he won a photo contest in the local Chinese papers. She was interested to interview him for a special article the paper was publishing on National … Continue reading

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Aaron’s school is one of the top schools in Singapore. Students get in either through DSC (Direct School Admission) which is conducted mid-year, through tests and interviews for some, arts and sports for others, or through PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examinations) … Continue reading

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