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Portrait Essays

I find Creative non fiction a challenge. My hermit crab essay – for which we were supposed to write an essay in a given ‘shell’ – form – from a source text, was a mess that I got a C, … Continue reading

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C’est Toi – By Clementi Town Sec School

Attending C’est Toi, an aesthetics combined concert in celebration of CT35 (35th anniversay of CTSS), gave me an opportunity to visit the newly opened Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall at an affordable ticket price. I have never been a fan … Continue reading

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Gender Stereotyping in Relationship

My next door neighbour is currently renovating the bathrooms for the kids’ room. I say kids here but really, they are adults, the eldest son being 28 and the daughter 26. When I asked about the inconvenience of them sharing … Continue reading

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Keeping it Safe on the Web

I was contacted by Sam Bowling, an Infrastructure Engineer at SingleHop, a company which specializes in cloud computing and hosted IT infrastructure. In light of the recent Heartbleed bug, and to kick off Choose Privacy Week from May 1-7 (it took me some time … Continue reading

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Buddhism and Modern Psychology by Robert Wright (Princeton University)

This is the first Coursera class that I have enrolled knowing that it would not award any certificate of accomplishment even though we were required to do two essays, one at mid-course and another after the final lecture. I can … Continue reading

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Coursera: Moralities of Everyday Life by Prof Paul Bloom

Is it morally right for a brother and sister to have sex while on holiday and that they have decided that they won’t do it again? Is it morally right for a son to address a father by his name? … Continue reading

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Closing down of schools and the demise of alumni links

In the news recently is that some top independent schools will have the funding cut by MOE, to bring top schools on par with other schools, and possibly remove the elitism from them. (Thus, my son’s chance of spending a … Continue reading

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