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The Illusion of Separateness by Simon Van Booy

The Daily Telegraph calls this book ‘A delicate complex moving novel’ but when Ivan, my son, recommended me, he said it was simple to read. He finished all 208 pages in three days. So what’s my take? This book is … Continue reading

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Micromastery by Robert Twigger and micromastering handstand

I rarely read self-improvement book but I’ve signed on a Masterclass for CNF by this writer and I thought I should perhaps find out more about this author by reading his book. This 241 page book is easy to read, … Continue reading

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Monstress (Stories) by Lysley Tenorio

Lysley is the first Filipino author I’ve read and I love this book of short stories, which I would not have purchased if not for his reading session at NUS-Yale where he was visiting. His reading of ‘The Brothers’ captivated … Continue reading

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Goodbye My Kampong! – Book Review

I should state that Josephine Chia is my mentor in a writing program so my review of her book may not be perceived as objective. This book is a sequel to Kampong Spirit (review here:¬†, which had readers requesting for … Continue reading

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1984 By George Orwell- The book, the talk and the play

As part of the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA), there was a series of events celebrating 1984 – a book club and a lecture hosted by local poet Dr Gwee Li Sui and a play produced by UK theatrical … Continue reading

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Selected Stories by Alice Munro

I think this must be the last book of Alice Munro’s short stories that I am reading. Published in 2010, the stories, as described on the book cover as vintage, is the first-ever selection of Alice Munro’s stories. If I … Continue reading

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Love, or Something Like Love

It’s thesis time, the final lap of my MA creative writing course. It’s a luxury yet also a necessity to read as part of my research for my creative portion, which I’m doing a collection of short stories. O Thiam … Continue reading

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