Gemini Man 3D – Movie Review

I attended the movie premiere and although movies with assassins and clones are not exactly to my taste, Will Smith is one of my favourite actors and I was hopeful the violence would not be excessive. Director Lee Ang certainly provided a softer touch which I appreciated.

The movie starts with Henry (Will Smith) aiming a rifle at a speeding train. He is sent by the government to assassinate a man seated at a particular window seat, which he succeeds. This being his last job, he is looking forward to retirement, as conscience has caught up on him, but he is told the man he killed was an innocent man and not a terrorist. The reason, Gemini Laboratory is hiding a secret. And for that – his younger doppelganger is now out hunting to kill him. He later discovers his hunter is his younger clone, sent by the boss at Gemini to kill him. Young Clay Junior, as he turns out, has been made because Clay Senior, Gemini boss and Clay’s father, feels there should be more of Henrys around for such assassin jobs, but with improvement. So how could Henry kill Clay Jr?

As with such movies, there are motorbike chases, explosions, beautifully choreographed fights – I watch it in 3D and when the glass exploded, glass shards float right in front, coming straight at me. What is fascinating about the movie are not these dated special effects, but how the movie makes a young (and another younger) Will Smith? Certainly not through makeup – for you can age a person by makeup but rarely can you do the opposite.

So I was fascinated to read how the movie digitalise clones in this article Deepfakes: Hollywood’s quest to create the perfect digital human by Tim Bradshaw.

I enjoyed the movie and I think you would too, even if my local newspapers only awarded it 2.5 stars.

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