7 Days – Thai Movie

I watched this movie on Qatar Airways between Doha and Singapore. Thai movies are shown on only Asian routes, although I feel they also deserve a slot in other routes, together with Chinese, Korean and Japanese movies.

This movie starts on a Monday when a narrator wakes up in a fat man’s body he didn’t recognise. A woman named Min accused him or stalking her, and Min realises he’s the man proposing to his girlfriend whom she met with her boyfriend Tan on the peak of a mountain in Chiangmai. Tan is now missing.

On Tuesday, the narrator who is Tan wakes up in his friend Gorgio’s body but he doesn’t know he’s Tan or recognises his girlfriend Min until the later when he starts recalling.

So for the next five days, he wakes up in a different person’s body and each person gives us flashbacks to Tan and Min’s lives.

They were both chefs and he had accepted an offer to go to New York to help a restaurant get a Michelin Star without consulting her which led to them quarreling and disappearing.

She realises this on the fourth day and they made the most of their time together, until they learn the reason for his disappearance.

The movie has snippets of their cooking which made me drool, with beautiful fusion food of Western and Thai.

The first part was rather draggy though, as I tried to make up what exactly is happening.

As usual, the Thai stars are good looking but the script could have been better. I can’t believe Min would kiss Tan in another man’s body, or laze in bed talking to Tan in her best female friend’s body and insinuating sexual desire with her female friend.


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