Kingfisher Townhouse @ Dublin

See the red door? We didn’t expect the hotel/B&B to have such an inconspicuous entrance that when our GPS announced we had arrived, we couldn’t locate it and drove round and round. To make the situation worse, the hotel is located at a corner bounded by rail tram in the front and a whole row of bus stops at the side, where our car couldn’t stop or park. Dublin was raining and a cold 8-degree Celsius when we arrived and I had to wait at a double yellow line while Mike braved the chill and rain to unload two 25kg luggages and wheeled them to the hotel.

The hotel has no lift and our room is situated at level three, up three flights of narrow staircase. The pretty receptionist from Czech Republic offered to help but we declined. She helped with our cabin bag. What a lovely lady. She told us to enlist the help of the on-duty receptionist when we checked out, ‘he’s a strong man,’ she said. We didn’t and he didn’t offer.

The name Kingfisher Apartment is misleading. I’ve lived in hospitality apartments and I had expected a kitchenette but ours is just a small hotel room with hardly enough floor space to open our luggages.

My spirit lifted with the nice toiletries provided though, including shower caps, a box of tissue, which are common in Asia but rare in Ireland hotels, and coffee cookies.

The toilet has an easy to manage tap that blasted hot water immediately. How nice to not feel guilty at last for wasting precious water while waiting for hot water in the shower. I enjoyed a nice hair wash this morning.

The toilet also provided two railings for damp towels, plus a hook at the back of the door for clothes.

This hotel is located at busy Parnell Street where you get the convenience of shops and food and airport bus. But this also means we get noise from the traffic, which the hotel provided ear plugs but we decided to not use them as we need to listen for the alarm for our 5am bus ride.

Kingfisher owns the restaurant next door (green shutter down) which was renovating and a cafe beside, which they gave out free coffee vouchers to guest.

I would say the hotel scores an A for hospitality gestures but if you drive or have big luggages, you would be better off in another hotel with an easier access.


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