Murphy’s Farmhouse B&B, Killarney

We managed to book this a few days before arriving through as we didn’t want to stay in the city centre and be caught with traffic and parking problem. Situated about 30 minutes from Killarney City, the farm house was fully booked on the day we checked in, and parking extended to along the road.

The smell of farm greeted us, grassy and earthy. This was our second B&B in Ireland and was bigger than the previous one and ran professionally like a hotel, which meant missing the homely atmosphere and friendly chatters of the host.

Our room was decorated in country loveliness, with plush quilts and enough pillows although the metal bed squeaked noisily upon lying down.

Full sized bottles of left-over shampoo and shower gel were provided, as if you’re borrowing from the host. The shower is not as strong as I had expected from reading the review but it was adequate. There’s a small heater which was fully utilised.

The problem I have with most hotels is the lack of hanging place for reusing the towel to stay green, especially when we stay for more than two nights. This is a triple sharing room and I can’t fathom where the host expects us to hang our damp towels for the next day when there’s no hook behind the door, just a short rod enough for a hand towel.

The breakfast was sumptuous with a choice of hot dishes from the menu, although the selection stuck mainly to different combos of sausages, bacon and eggs. What was different from elsewhere is that they offered smoked salmon.

Dining area was locked outside breakfast time, and the sitting room was empty, cold and dark. There was not much garden area for my yoga either.

The lady at breakfast was helpful with info for us as she warned us of a motor rally in town, but I missed the friendliness of John from the last B&B and the easy chats we had. (check out my last post


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