The Wild Atlantic Way – Castle House B&B

I had left it to my husband, Mike, to book our accommodation and he selected this B&B for the ‘ocean view’. I was disappointed when I first saw it. There was no garden for my yoga. I had expected a nice Irish country cottage, not a roadside shop house.

This roadside shop house used to house the town post office. Owner John Daimond was the postmaster here for twenty six years and only retired last year. He had taken over the job from his late mother. He told me that he felt sad going through the door to the post office next door to the house. He would be sealing the door when he has completed converting the post office into a rental apartment.

Youngest of seven children, John said this house has been with him for three generations. Built by his grandfather in a castle design in early 1900, the house is cozy with memories. Photos of the house with a horse drawn carriage parked in front, and that of his grandparents and parents adorn the walls.

We were the only guests there and was given a small girlish pink room with an attached bath.

John is the first Irish man I’ve met and he is as soft as the Irish weather. A bachelor, he runs the B&B single handedly. I was amused by the feminine touches around – vases of flowers are placed in many nooks and corners. I complimented him on his domesticity as he cooked our tourist Irish breakfast of sausages, eggs, bacon and Irish pudding.

On another day, he cooked me his regular breakfast of oat porridge with cranberries and raisins.

During breakfast, he shared history of Ireland and his family, his travel to US to visit his cousins and their return visit to him. Half of the population of Ireland emigrated during the great famine as well as during the economic downturn in the 80s. It was lovely hearing him tell his stories, and made our visit to Ireland more intimate.

Castle House B&B is along the Wild Atlantic Way and indeed, I have a beautiful view of the mountains and ocean from my room. I can’t ask for more.


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