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OK. I admit. There was once I signed on too many spa packages because the deals were too good to decline. Imagine paying less than $50 for a facial or massage, never mind that I probably have no time to … Continue reading

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The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy

Although I enjoyed this book, I found it rather difficult to read, in part because of the many characters with their exotic Indian names, which I had to keep referring back to link the relationships. Another reason is perhaps the … Continue reading

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Appreciation Note

In my most stressed-up years bringing up teenagers as a single parent with an absentee spouse, I was taught by reading happiness books and attending courses to write appreciation note every night, to look for at least three positive things … Continue reading

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Book Club – movie review

I love the actresses in these movies and when I saw the advertisement, I wanted to watch it with my female pal Bee, but she was not due for home leave from Bangkok. To subject my poor husband to watching … Continue reading

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