Sekeping Serendah – world in a jungle.

I needed to get away after my thesis and when my Malaysian friend LK sent me a link to a video showcasing Malaysian jungle retreats, I told her to book one for me. She selected this one for me.

Sekeping Serendah is located near Rawang, about 1 hour away from international airport KLIA 2. At RM320 per night (Thur)and RM370 (Fri -Sat) for the mud house which sleeps four, and consists of a shared living room and kitchen with another mud house, I was surprised at the lack of basic amenities provided – no towels, toiletry and Wi-Fi. I guess that’s the purpose, to go back to basic. But wow, expensive experience.

There are 10 units of various sizes of chalets for rent. Our mud house (4 per room) is built more of concrete than mud, with furniture built of wire steel mesh used for construction. The kitchen is stocked up with metal cups and plates, with complimentary tea and coffee. We are grateful for the mosquitoe coils at night fall.

There is no room service, but a Nepalese dinner can be catered (RM20 pax) and BBQ pit set up (FOC). We did both – had a BBQ one night and Nepalese catered food on another. Otherwise, one can cook or drive out to nearby Rawang town.


Near our mud house, there are two pools and a waterfall. Walking trails around the hilly resort can be challenging on the elevated narrow paths if you have wobbly feet.

We wandered around and found a huge opened-concept chalet for 15pax, decorated interestingly with remnants from a metal factory.

Last night, there was a storm, much welcomed in the humid heat. We sat, listening to the rustles of rain in the forest, a delightful respite before we returned to our urban concrete jungle.


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