‘Wanton’ Mee with tilapia

The poster screams, the only one in Malaysia, no other stores. It is unique: whole steamed tilapia cooked in various sauces and served with fresh noodles (without the wantons). There are different varieties – dried lilybulb with garlic and bean paste (tau cheow), full bean paste, soya sauce, tomyum and curry. (RM14.30each for one person.)

For rice eater, there are claypot dishes and stir fry.

The restaurant, housed in the family house in a housing estate, is run by Chef Tang Wan Cheng, who invented the dish accidentally while trying to cook up some food using leftovers from his fridge for his beer kakis. Urged by his friends, he decides to start a restaurant in 2006 to popular demand.

I chose the soya sauce. My noddles are garnished generously with shredded ginger. The small tilapia, sliced fillet lengthwise in half with the bones, is tender and without the muddy taste commonly associated with pond fish.

Incidentally, the owner rear their own tilapia in a pond nearby.

We decided to order spinach with raw egg yolk. Fried with silver fish fries and topped with a raw egg, the dish is delicious. (RM13)

Highly recommended too is the deep fried chicken coated with salted egg yolk, tumaric and curry fish. Yummy! (RM28)

For drinks, the choice is home brewed chrysanthemum tea with grass jelly, a refreshing combination which I’m surprised no one caught on (RM3.)

The restaurant, in Rawang, is an hour away from KLIA 2. Opens daily from 9am-5pm, the owner told me they don’t serve dinner because they don’t employ workers and this is as much work as they can manage.

If you’re around the region, do try it out for a uniquely different kind of noodles.

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2 Responses to ‘Wanton’ Mee with tilapia

  1. haohaodangdang says:

    Wahoo,好精彩呀!我有机会去雪兰尔,一定“帮亲”. This blog is simple to understand, and straight to the point, just like many food blogs I have read. HAO!

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