Six-word Memoirs by Famous & Obscure Writers

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The six-word story is started by Ernest Hemingway in which he wrote: For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

I’ve written some 6-word stories myself for contests which I’ve failed to win but I love my 6-word stories. Tell me what you think of them.

Lost: iPhone, your number, our future.

Decoupled yet connected. Are we over?

Mamihlapinatapai moment: please let him initiate.

I share some quotes from this book which particularly resonate:

I know the feelings:

Glass half full; pockets half empty. – Marina Guthrie

Batteries are cheap. Who needs men? – Rebecca Melenna

Verbal hemophilia. Why can’t I clot. – Scott Mebin

Still lost on road less traveled. – Joe Quesada

Why reach always exceed my grasp. – Ray Garrand

I wish:

Moved to SF. Geek not gay. – Ryan King

Found true love. Married someone else. – Bjorn Stromberg

Birth. Childhood. Adolescence. Adolescence. Adolescence. Adolescence. – Jim Gladstone

Forty-five. Never married. Oh Poo. – Sonia Orey

No wife. No kid. No problem. – Rip Riley

Married for money. divorced for love. – Rosie Abraham

Writers would empathize with these:

After eighteen years, sold my book. – Susan Runholt

Perpetual work in progress, need editor.  -Sherry Fuqua-Gilson

Learning to be great at mediocrity. – Christopher Reiger

Pitched. Pitched. Pitched. Wrote. Revised. Revised. – Andrew Adam Newman

Realized childhood dream doesn’t pay bill. – Nicole William

Happiest when ignoring huge financial debt. – Ayanna Bryson


My brother-in-law, Frank,  should quote this:

I think, therefore I’m bald. – Dickie Widjaja

My mother, myself?

Was rebellion teen. Now raising one. – Michelle Ganon

Became my mother. Please shoot me. – Cynthia Kaplan


Arms: Full. Life: not so much. – Renee James

Educated too much, lived too little. – Dan Vance

I have not done it all. – Aaron Knoll

In a Manolo world, I’m Keds. – Colleen Cook

Was big boy, now little man. – Chris Cooper

Oh dear me!

Girlfriend is pregnant, my husband said. – Shonna MacDonald

Ex-wife & contractor now have home. – Drew Peck

Could be me:

Beat death twice, still not religious. – Shan Palmer

Lived like no tomorrow; tomorrow came. – CC Keiser

Born in California. Then nothing happened. – Mark Harris

The road diverged; I took it. – Rachel Harris

If only:

Danced in fields of infinite possibilities – Deepak Chopra







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