Rain is the flimsy mist that spritzes my heated face

Rain is the drizzle that sprinkles dirt on my car surface

Rain is the annoying shower that dampens my dried laundry

Rain is the frightening storm that roars heartily

Rain is the rhythmic patter, music for a lazy afternoon delight

Rain is the soothing lullaby which lures me to sleep at night

Rain is part of the water cycle we learned in primary three

Rain is the evaporation and condensation of clouds and seas

Rain is the precious nourishment for our reservoirs

Rain is for water we bargain and purchase from afar

Rain is the resilience shown on the first National Day Parade

Rain is the part of essential Newater we now proudly make

Rain is the tears in heaven on the day we bid him farewell

Rain is the tears in his eyes for the scandal he could never foretell

Rain is the hope and prayer after a choking hazy month

Rain is the cruel obstacle to that anticipated BBQ picnic lunch

Rain is carefree childhood days when we waddled in flood

Rain is traffic accident where road splattered with blood

Rain is that sexy Korean hunk with that lust-after abdomen

Rain Man is Dusty Hoffman’s signature performance

Rain Song is by Led Zeppelin which only now I hear

Rain Scene by Liu Wen Zheng I often sang in my teenage years

Rain is the gift Tan Twan Eng presented in his novel

Rain is a favourite amongst poets, writers, and singers

Rain gently now sweeps outside my windows

Rain washing away my doubts and shadows

Rain tenderly leaps out as an image

Rain is this inspiration on my page


About vickychong

Just an ordinary woman.
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