I really enjoyed my poetry class on Tuesday and was impressed with the List Poems my classmate wrote on the spot.

As I spent the morning weeding my garden, I composed this. Tell me what you think.


In my neat carpet-grass turf, weeds
mar the homogeneity look I seek
little shoots with leaves of network veins
dot like measles spots with the frequent rain   
dandelions and pods with minature blooms
I can't wait to pull them up too soon
I hate the ringlets of stringy penny-worts
with the weak slingy stems that breaks
through to the roots I gently pull
there's no room in my turf for you
in my hunches for hours I squat
my knees creak and crack and squawk
I persist through this agonising plight
just to clear away these jarring sight

if only the weeds which sprout within me
can be pulled away as dexterously



About vickychong

Just an ordinary woman.
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