Hammock Sonnet

On Tuesday, we were taught List Poetry and I really enjoyed listening to my classmates’ poems which I thought were rather impressive, considering we were given 15 minutes to impromptu write.

I didn’t really like mine and rewrote it into a sonnet with 14 lines, 10 syllabi and hopefully, it rhymes well.

Hammock Sonnet
Batik hammock for my sleeping baby
From a sarong for a Nonya lady
Canvass hammock in the ulu kampong
for tired farmers to snooze all night long
Double hammock under coconut trees
Canoodling lover by the roaring sea

Hammock for fitness is a rising trend
A prop for flexibility and strength
Slingy Silk hammock for aerial yoga
My attempt to be flying circus star
Twirling and twisting hammock in the air
Trying to flip and turn with graceful flair
In hammock I rest in savasana
Baby in sarong cradle, Nirvana



About vickychong

Just an ordinary woman.
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