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Ironing Board

Another of my ‘thing’ poem experiment, also inspired by another play. (I’m doing drama writing and poetry this semester.) Ironing Board Tucked in a corner, legs folded beneath, like a surf board left drying after riding the waves. Instead, upright, … Continue reading

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As part of my poetry homework, I was supposed to come up with a ‘thing’ poem. I experimented on many things, and this lipstick poem is one, which came to me in the middle of Xinyao concert – weird. It … Continue reading

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Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf by Edward Albee

This book is a recommended reading for my drama writing class and it epitomizes drama in all 257 pages. The dramas are all self-inflicted – like some typical Saturday night prime time Taiwanese drama, minus the booze (or perhaps there … Continue reading

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A Day – Korean Movie Review

(SPOILER ALERT!) Watching movies for me now is not just for entertainment, but also research for my dramatic writing class – where’s the arc, are the characters likeable, what’s the central dramatic question to hook the audience? But last Friday evening, this … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Generation 兰蕙百年 – movie review

This is the Nanyang(NY) story, a creative non-fictional drama of my alma mater as she celebrates 100 years. The docu-drama begins with a mother fetching her son from NY Primary School after school to attend her teacher’s birthday party at … Continue reading

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Investing in people

I read this sentence in an article today, ‘I did not want to invest in people I did not expect to see again.’ The first time I came across the phrase ‘investing in a person’ was when an ex-ACSI principal … Continue reading

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Rain is the flimsy mist that spritzes my heated face Rain is the drizzle that sprinkles dirt on my car surface Rain is the annoying shower that dampens my dried laundry Rain is the frightening storm that roars heartily Rain … Continue reading

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