That warm fuzzy feeling upon waking up
With you swirling in my mind

The memory of our last meet up 

Playing like a GIF image

Did your touch linger a little longer

Perhaps you felt my vibe

That tingling sensation of the contact

Did it affect you too

I search in vain for your face

Amidst the crowd in the mall

Hoping for a glimpse of that familiar smile

The paths I hope we might cross

Alas …

The warm fuzzy feeling fades

You appear less frequently in my mind

Though I try to conjure that same emotion


I miss that yearning of the crush

Which I once had frequently in my youth 

The hope that it might connect both our hearts

Of falling head and heel in love 

Alas it’s gone now

The giddy dream and the silly smile

Along with the reality 

That it’s all but just a crush

As beautiful as a rainbow while it lasted

And just as brief a moment. 


About vickychong

Just an ordinary woman.
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2 Responses to Crush 

  1. Nice Nostalgic Narrative

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