The Other Corner of Sri Lanka – Resort Review 

Since my husband Michael visited in 2011 for a photography trip and told me about Sri Lanka,  I immediately wanted to come. When I was younger, visiting Sri Lanka was in the plans,  although it was with the hope of accompanying my best friend as we traverse her homeland.  We were side -tracked by motherhood and I promptly forgotten about our plans. I bet she did too. So when Michael took part in a photography contest organized by Vacay Travel in Singapore and the second prize was a trip to Sri Lanka (first prize Finland), I told him to just win the second prize. The obedient husband that he is, he did. 😃

The prize comprises of a four day stay at The Other Corner Resort in Habarana in Central Sri Lanka, and tours (excluding entrance fees and charges for amenities).

There are nine air-conditioned cottages in the sprawling resort, a restaurant, a small pool and a fish spa.  We arrived and had to cross a rickety suspension bridge to enter. I love the novelty of shaky suspension bridges, so this was a good first impression.

The restaurant serves a delicious four-course set meal for dinner, available in either western or local style. We tried both and enjoyed all the meals. Breakfast is served between 7-9am and dinner 7-9pm. We were served by Asela,  whose gentle kindness made my stay felt so hospitable. 

On the first two nights,  we stayed at a tree cottage,  a wooden lodge built around trees. I woke up to the rustling of leaves and birds’ singing. I would highly recommend booking the tree cottage if you come.  It’s not only bigger but personally,  I prefer wooden lodge than mud/concrete ones if I am staying near wildlife. 

On the third night,  we were moved to a single chalet,  built like a local mud house I had visited in a village two days before. While the village mud house,  built of mud and dung, is primitive and without electricity or running water,  my chalet has a smooth plaster for its interior walls and a jacuzzi in the toilet. (It would take forever to fill up given the low water pressure.) 

The Other Corner Resort is a paradise for bird watchers. Stationed in the resort is Dhilip,  a naturalist who took to my husband and his super zoom camera like a lonely child deprived of playmates. He wasted no time in whisking Michael away into his bird playground,  proudly showing off his knowledge and the residents flocking about. 

On a morning walk yesterday, he brought us out to a beautiful lotus pond, ubiquitous in this part of central Sri Lanka, where Michael took many photographs of lifers (first sighting of a bird for birdie.)  

As I type this in front of our chalet before we check out,  raindrops patters on the ground in staccato rhythm,  adding beats to the symphony of bird songs.  I feel the cool breeze, with a waft of faint floral scent,  from the many fruit trees planted around. Michael is nowhere to be seen, gone with his playmate Dhilip, reluctant to leave his new friends – both human and avian. 

Thank you for the fabulous hospitality. The personal touch had made our stay so enjoyable. 


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One Response to The Other Corner of Sri Lanka – Resort Review 

  1. Sjaak says:

    Hi Vicky,

    Lovely, you share your amazing trip. And finally I see your husband. Yes, that is to enjoy the good life.

    The silly joke of the elephants was by the way from Ajahn Brahm.
    They say in Holland, the older you get, the more you begin to look like a child.
    But a happy monk is enlightened and can never be insulted by anyone.
    I am also happy to hear a child’s joke. They are simple and short.

    I miss my dhamma talk from Ajahn Bram. The other monks try their best to talk, but their frequency
    is not my resonance. Gladly he comes back this Friday. Whatever he tells, also the repeatings from the past, I always like him.

    Birdy, birdy, why are you singing in the morning, afternoon and evening? To give color in our lives and nature. The summer makes every long winter colorful. I wish it will never end.
    Today I had a meditation at the pond in my park nearby, feeling another spiritual world.


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