International Day of Yoga 

21 June 2017 is when Singapore celebrated its third International Day of Yoga (IDY), which started in India and observed globally. This date is chosen because it the summer solstice,  which has the longest daylight in the year. 

I am ashamed to admit that despite practicing yoga for 10 years now,  this year is the first I have observed and participated, thanks to two friends from  Vyasa Yoga Singapore who invited me to join them on separate occasions. 

On the Sunday prior to the actual IDY,  I went with a group of friends to National Stadium to join many yogis for a morning yoga session. A sudden heavy downpour delayed the start as we had to shift the mats to avoid rapid ponding. Demonstration stages and standing banners were blown off by the gusty winds.  

The event finally started half an hour later with speeches by various VIPs from India High Commission and elsewhere, leaving only ten minutes for the actual yoga session, which was a downer, defeating the purpose of the occasion. 

After yoga,  we were introduced to laughing yoga.  We were told our mood can be deceived into feeling happy if we practise laughing yoga.  What had initially felt faked was indeed enjoyable once everyone started laughing and giving strangers high-fives. 

On the actual IDY,  I went to Vyasa Yoga Singapore to join two friends who did their teachers’ training course there. This time,  after all the speeches by the same dignitories as Sunday,  we had a more satisfying yoga session, another laughing yoga session followed by a demonstration by a yogi who had won many yoga competitions. 

Since I was never from Vyasa Yoga,  I would like to thank them for opening up the IDY celebrations to the public for people like me, and making me feel like a part of the yoga community in Singapore. 

Namaste 🙏


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