Singapore Love Stories – Edited by Verena Tay


As a fan of the romantic genre, I grew up reading Mills and Boons and I rarely chance across Singapore love stories. OK, I found a chit lit written by a Filipina author which didn’t click. So I think it’s great to have this anthology of love stories which I enjoyed during my travel in Bhutan.

I admit there were some stories with startings that I found difficult to continue, and it is so easy to just flip to the next story and leave this. (Reminder to self, a starting paragraph is important.) And I did but returned to it just to do justice to the book for my review. The fact that so many writers in the books are familiar and even acquaintance brought on a tinge of envy.

Credit to the Verena for her selection of the wide variety of love stories, protagonists from Singaporeans and foreigners alike who have made Singapore home, temporary or otherwise, by choice or not, like domestic helpers and blue collar workers alike. There is even one futuristic love story included.

Some stories are memorable, and some of forgettable, but nonetheless enjoyable while I was reading them. Since they were short stories, it’s easy to finish a story even if you didn’t like it. The writers come from a wide spectrum, from published and acclaimed writers like Audrey Chin and Verena Tay, to new authors like two of my peers from the MAP programs.

Reading this book makes me realise how diversified Singapore is, and how much we can learn from these writers about others unlike ourselves. Of course, it scares me that my maid (or helper, if I have one), could be doing some hanky panky with that construction worker from South Asia renovating the house across the road (as happened to three of my friends), but this also reminds me that they are lonely and yearn for love too, and I would be like them if I were in the same situation.

Love, yearning, unrequitted, forbidden, illegal. If you want to read about the childhood crushes, romance, adultery loves all set in Singapore, pick up this book now.



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2 Responses to Singapore Love Stories – Edited by Verena Tay

  1. Sjaak says:

    Hi Vicky,

    Don’t take love too seriously. Blind for love is fun, but after a while you awake how the other really is. Do you like his/her smelly socks or that annoying habit? Real love is: you accept the bad ones and value only the good things of that person.

    Just a little joke from me.
    5 elephants, who were born blind, had to find out how a human being looks like.
    So the elephants went out to investigatie with their trunks.
    Finally all 5 elephants agreed how a human being looks like. He looks like very flat and
    very passive. 🙂

    Greetings from Holland again, Sjaak.

    • vickychong says:

      Hi Jack, I am a romantic at hard. But sad to say I only have one miserable love affair, and am still immersed in the same one despite the smelly socks and annoying habits. 😀

      You’ve probably read the Chinese tale of the four blind men describing an elephant and adapted from the story. I prefer the original, if you don’t mind my frankness.

      I am now in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Was in Bhutan two weeks ago. Both countries are deep in Buddhim. Hope to blog about my travel soon.

      By the way, my son Ivan is back from Netherlands after his exchange. 6 months just flew by like that!

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