Love in Harvard – Korean Drama 

This is an encore telecast and judging from the tiny mobile phones the actors are using in the drama,  it looks like it was filmed in the early 2000s.

Hyun Woo,  son of a prominent lawyer goes to Harvard law school and falls in love with medical student Su In. He meets fellow Korean rival Alex Hong who beats him academically but fails in his pursuit of love, which I can’t fathom as Hyun Woo is rough,  gets into fights easily and even slaps Su In twice,  each time she accepts like she deserves them.  Then I have to remind myself this was last decade or more. Things have definitely changed since then and females viewers will not accept such violence against women. 

The first few episodes at Harvard reminds me of  US TV series The Paper Chase which I used to watch as a child.  Even the professor speaks in the same staccato manner as Prof Charles Kingfields. 

And this being Korean drama, expect the love to be troubled by….Su In getting cancer,  and Hyun Woo has to fight the conflict between saving her by dropping a case against a corporation who has her bone marrow donor in their hand,  or fight for justice and letting his wife forgo the transplant. 

All’s good in the end, predictably which is exactly what I like in a romance drama. 


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