Sunrise over Phobjikha Valley 

Ah! Ah! Ah! 

Like the coarse voice of teenage boy breaking 

The cries of crows wake the valley as streaks of sunlight gently enlighten the

Vast expanse of green medow 

Dotted by grazing horses and cows 

Flanked in the background by layering silhouettes of triangular peaks

Poles of fluttering multicolored prayer flags 

Add colours to the organic landscape while chanting away evil spirits 

Chant away my troubles too,  I pray 

As I  walk along the winding rough pebbled roads

Breathing in phenogen released by tall pine trees 

Passing a resting cow with wet melancholy eyes 

Her udder heavy, missing her unweaned calf

Like how I miss you too

Amidst the uncouth caws which I want to ignore 

I hear sporadic melodies straining among the gleaming pine cones

Crimson sunbirds dart between needling branches 

Mingling with brown strikes as they sweep arcs in the golden sky

I am reminded that I am here in the land of happiness 

These  sights, sounds, smell and serenity 

for which I come here to escape from your memory 

I imagine the green medow covered in snow as winter approches 

As flights of black neck cranes arrive in droves 

And I envy them for their annual pilgrimage 

For I too want to return 

to bask here in Phobjikha Valley 

And replace the memory of you with this sunrise 


About vickychong

Just an ordinary woman.
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