when once I love rainy afternoons

for the cool misty shroud in which I could imagine

stories and words and metaphors

to ply the journey of my dream

why then does this afternoon seem gray and


a downward spiral of drips from my heart to my feet

where once the path ahead looks straight and clear

well-paved with sign posts to guide my route

with directions to take charge of my life for once

and go where few have trod

why then does it now seem fraught with uncertainties and


the confidence lost in this meander with no destination in sight

at this start of a steep learning curve

am I not prepared


to climb and concur every peak of euphoria

to also have  moments that dwell in valleys of struggles

like the emotive highs and lows of an addictive drug

that brings me days to rejoice and days of


today is but one of many downs yet to come


About vickychong

Just an ordinary woman.
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2 Responses to Down

  1. Sjaak says:

    Hello Vicky,

    Up and down go together. The middle way is perfect. It is not strange that dwelling in the past gives us emotions, we rather do not want. But we also easily seem to forget the nice things in life.
    So to be down is necessary to get happy again. Of course it is sometimes easily said than done.
    But with a bad joke of Ajahn Brahm, life gives some meaning again for me. Or do something you like to do in the NOW and let it go, whatever is bothering you. Or embrace it with the right attitude and open the door of your heart.

    Ascension Day, it has all to do about Jesus going to heaven.

    Happy vacation, Vicky.


  2. Sjaak says:

    Oh, maybe you forgot the link I sent to you.
    There is this funny Dutch commercial about stamppot.
    You may vary the ingredients, but it has the same name over and over again. Just like pizza.

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