Tze char with Karaoke 

You probably would never hear of this kopitiam unless you work in the surrounding industrial estate,  or someone brought you here.  My husband was taken here for lunch for the Hong Kong roasted meat here is cheap and good. He brought me and we discovered that there is a tze char restaurant which opens on weekends. The car park is convenient and perfect for rainy weather. 

The first time I came on a Sunday,  I was more interested in the karaoke than the food. The aunty DJ informed us that karaoke on Sundays and Wednesdays are free and costs $5 for two songs on other days. There were not many people at 6.30pm and I gamely when up to serenade to the mostly middle-aged audience there. The regulars, some who were quite good, even brought their own dics and sang mostly oldies and hokkien songs. 

I like the atmosphere – non pretentious and friendly. I could even sing with a babe in hand and still received applause. 

What we really like though,  is the tze char which is delicious and very reasonably priced. 

The curry fish head comes with fresh red snapper ($22) which is cooked just right that even my seven year-old nephew asked for seconds. 

Another good choice is the fried eggplant with floss. ($10). I like the combination of crispy yet soft eggplant with floss.

We tried two different omelettes during the two visits – oyster and bitter gourd.  The oyster omelette ($8) is more worth the price although I like the bitter gourd for the lightness of the dish. 

On our previous visit,  we ordered my son’s favorite claypot tofu,  and it didn’t disappoint. 

For the kids,  we ordered sweet and sour pork ($10) and stirred fried broccoli ($8) in small portion but they came in bigger portion than other restaurants. 

I wanted the sambal patai beans with sotong ($12) which went really well with rice. 

Most of the dishes average $10 for small size but the portion is enough to feed four, which is really reasonable compared to HDB kopitiam tze char restaurants. Plus,  you get free entertainment. 😀

I want to go  there to try their seafood next. 

Address : Bukit Batok Village Seafood , no 2 Bukit Batok St 24, #09-18 Skytech Building,  Singapore 659480. Tel: 87178755/97382826


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2 Responses to Tze char with Karaoke 

  1. Sjaak says:

    Hi Vicky,

    I wonder how new foods might taste. It looks quite a new challenge for me.
    But I have a big advantage. There is not much I don’t like to eat. Maybe that is not an advantage at all, because what you eat you must burn otherwise you will gain weight.

    Time for me eating Chinese food tomorrow at Ascension Day. Something different than our Dutch dishes, like stamppot. Every country has his speciality.

    Have a nice weekend overseas. Ours in Holland will be very sunny and warm. About 30 degrees Celsius. So summer clothing will be appropiate. Also time to admire the beauty of people again when the weather will be very good. The colors will be brighter and sharper than in winter time.


    • vickychong says:

      Hi Jack, what is Ascension Day?
      I have never heard of stamppot but have tried curried sausage in Germany.
      It’s summer all year round in Singapore so you see skin and bright colors everywhere all the time. I am dressed in tees and shorts most days due to the humidity.
      On Tuesday, I had a public reading of my short story, so that was exciting and terrifying as well. I am no good with crowds.
      In June, I am on holiday at well, to Hong Kong, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.
      Have a good summer!

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