Shaving for HFH

The breeze flutters my hair

A delight in the humid afternoon air

As I wait inside the hall of HCI clock tower 

Around me wafts a scent of fresh baby powder 

Unfamiliar, alien and out of place 

Where sour sweaty teenage boys await to shave 

As clumps of hair fall amidst cheers

Among encouraging and supporting peers

Courageous souls doing their part for HFH donation drive

Building empathy and raising funds to save lives

And somewhere in the queue is my son Aaron 

Showing his conviction through brave action 

His scalp may be bald and prickly 

His hair shall soon grow back black and shiny

Not so the kids who are ill and sickly 

So please donate to this link generously. 

And help the Children’s Cancer Foundation.


About vickychong

Just an ordinary woman.
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