Seven R’s of a Repairing Apology

(This poem was inspired by David Chan from SMU on his article on ST Opinion May 6, 2017.)

Recognize what you have done

Do not trivialise your wrongdoing

It’s not a blunder, a judgment error or unbalanced decision

It’s integrity and value


Reflect on what you have done

See it from my perspective

Empathise with my hurt

You don’t know how I feel


Feel regret and remorse

For your condescending words

And how cynical you had been

Are you really sorry?


Be responsible for your action

Don’t give me excuses

It’s not beyond your control

You’re just shifting blame


Request for my forgiveness

And it shall be accepted

For I have faith in you

And I do love you so


Redeem and make amendments

Do something concrete and positive

Signal your desire to reconcile

Show me you want to repair our relationship


Resolve to not repeat your action

To not reoffend me again

I need that assurance from you

For me to forgive you


I am waiting for your apology

What are you waiting for?

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