Royal Steam Seafood – review 

I have seen this restaurant in the middle of an opened field opposite IMM and wondered about it. Their specialty is on the spot seafood steamer cooking, where you placed seafood on to cook,  much like the hotpot or BBQ we are more used to. 

You can choose to sit in air-con comfort,  or alfresco outside.  Most tables are rectangular and the staff were helpful to set up a round table for us. 

We decided to try the tze char instead.  The menu is not great,  and there is only size. 

 While the sea bass is on offer for the steamer @$12, it was sold at $21.80 for curry. 

The fish was soft and the gravy flavourful,  unlike the usual fish head curry we get at normal tze char restaurants.  

We like the claypot bean curd with salted fish,  which was not served in clay pot. $13.80. Salted fish minced meat was drizzled over pan fried bean curds pieces – yummy over rice. 

The waitress recommended the salt and pepper oyster mushrooms,  the stems were coated in batter and deep fried.  $8.80. The textural difference between crispy coat and chewy mushroom stem was amazingly good, although I would have preferred other mushroom parts as well. 

Although she recommended sweet and sour pork,  they ran out in the middle of our order.  Meat dishes were limited,  and I decided to try chicken in green pepper $13.80, which was pan fried with onions and too much black pepper. 

The Stew eggplant $13.80 was minced pork was spicy and went well with rice. 

We ordered the crispy fried chicken wings,  5 pieces for $12.80, which they kindly cut into drumplets and wings.  We really enjoyed the crusts. 

Lastly was the stir fried broccoli with garlic for the kids. $10.80 

The dishes were well cooked,  and the portion was reasonable for the price.  What was expensive were the drinks,  $3.80 for home brewed barley or lemongrass.  $2.00 for tea.  Rice was $1.00 for a small soup bowl (not even a rice bowl.) 

Expect to pay about $9 for fried noodles,  although I can’t tell how large the portion it would be. 

All in,  we paid $134 for eight adults and two kids, including 7 bowls of rice and three glasses of drinks.  

Not too bad considering the standard of cooking is indeed higher than most Kopitiam tze char. 

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