The minutes tick by, perpetuating the longing

Of seeing you and hearing your voice

To know you’re awake and going about your world

Just like what I am supposedly doing in mine

Except you creep into my head ever so often

Distracting, with memories of our last encounter

Threatening the peace of my day,  my life

You’re oblivious to the effect you have on me

The crinkly eyes accompanying casual smile

Your careful probe into my reticent cocooned self I shan’t expose

In a shell, I hide my fragile emotion

Whenever we’re in our polite interaction

That occurs between two seemingly cordial acquaintances

Yet this is my euphoria first taste of an after-dinner dessert

A scoop of Chocolate ice cream in frothy chocolate milk

Like savouring the bitter richness of your essence swirling in me

Until I reach the noisy slurps at the end of the glass

To the disappointment as we part yet again

As I carry off with me the burden of holding on to what we’ve shared

A scar on my soul like stubborn chocolate ice cream stain on white blouse

An infatuation I can’t erase even with peroxide bleach

Your name appearing on a text jolts my senses into sizzling livewire

Yet not seeing your name spirals my spirits into deep abyss

I miss you even in my dream

If I were to forget everything,  I’d forget you last.


About vickychong

Just an ordinary woman.
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4 Responses to Infatuation 

  1. Wow, best yet! Good imagary, very wistful

  2. Sjaak says:

    Hello Vicky,

    Reading your words in this poem, I learn new English words I have never used or ever heard of.
    INFATUATION, it has (I think) 2 meanings. The illusion “falling in love” or madness of something.
    I hope my decription is right. The first one is great temporary feeling, but an illusion. The solid love for someone is more like “Home sweet home”. Comparing infatuation with a butterfly: a butterfly flies around, maybe one day or a week, but eventually it doesn’t last a long time.
    That is how nature works. I wonder what people really like? The surprise or the good old cat that likes you anyway for who you are.

    Thanks for learning a new word again, Vicky.


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