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Taking Pictures by Anne Enright

This is a collection of nineteen short stories, some of which I really like, but there are a couple of which I just didn’t get it, like the story Taking Pictures which graced the title of the book. I like … Continue reading

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when once I love rainy afternoons for the cool misty shroud in which I could imagine stories and words and metaphors to ply the journey of my dream why then does this afternoon seem gray and dreary a downward spiral of drips … Continue reading

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Tze char with Karaoke 

You probably would never hear of this kopitiam unless you work in the surrounding industrial estate,  or someone brought you here.  My husband was taken here for lunch for the Hong Kong roasted meat here is cheap and good. He … Continue reading

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Silk Carnations 

It’s was Mother’s Day yesterday.  My phone vibrated non-stop since early morning – girlfriends were sending me Mother’s Day messages, with photos of flowers and the joy of motherhood.  My second son sent a disappearing instagram message from Iceland which … Continue reading

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The woman in the mirror 

The way her shoulders hunch up to her ears Countering a noticeable weight bearing down Like she’s stuck in an eighties Dallas fashion rut With shoulder pads beneath an invincible jacket Which is ironic  Shouldn’t the burden weigh you down … Continue reading

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Enduring Love – Ian McEwan

My lecturer Darryl read the first chapter of this book to us and it was the most captivating chapter of any book I have heard read, partly because Darryl is such a good reading orator. He once read my essay … Continue reading

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Shaving for HFH

The breeze flutters my hair A delight in the humid afternoon air As I wait inside the hall of HCI clock tower  Around me wafts a scent of fresh baby powder  Unfamiliar, alien and out of place  Where sour sweaty … Continue reading

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