Sungei Ulu Pandan 

Doesn’t a body of water

Reflect the palette of the sky

So why is your pallor this dusk

That of overnight teh tarik

Minus the fresh milky froth

Of pillow-top canopy I see on my glass

You sit still as in meditation

Dormant without waves, ripples or swirls

Like a pelt of hairless skin

Leather left tanning on grassy turf

Forgotten and tormented, by

Styrofoam boxes and plastic bottles

Jarring scars on your pitted skin

Like the sorry state of my fragile emotion

Yet you remain stoic and calm

For you know this too will pass

The tide will come

And tomorrow I will  see

Crystal mirror sparkling with life

Reflecting lush neighbourly greenery

While swallows dip and ski on your skin

And monitor lizard lazily swims

And I too shall await my ride

And face the glorious hues of optimistic dawn

Where lightness tingles and breeze tickles

When we shall meet for a more delightful date


About vickychong

Just an ordinary woman.
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