Poor Connection


When both our eyes meet across the crowded room

I feel your intense gaze,  looking deeply into me

I know,

This absurd feeling of mine can’t plausibly be true

For how can you possibly know how I feel

And yet,

There’s this magical acknowledgment

that I sense somehow deep inside you sense it too

I wish

We can communicate through our eyes and souls

So there’s no need for frivolous spoken words

A sign

That’s all I ask from you, which perhaps you delivered

But I was too dense to perceive this gift of yours

I’m tired

This internal conflict is slowly wrecking me

For I don’t have the courage to confess

Pardon me,

I need time off from you and what we’ve shared

To still my heart and seek that elusive peace


If we’re destined to meet again

Let’s hope we’ll both seize the day




About vickychong

Just an ordinary woman.
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