Pop Aye – Movie review 

This is heart warming movie about a middle-aged architect and a bull elephant he thinks is his childhood pet,  which he had sold off when he moved to Bangkok.  Like so many middle aged man,  he is made to feel redundant at work,  the iconic mall he designed is being torn down and his wife doesn’t find him sexually attractive anymore. 

One day,  he saw an elephant and is convinced that it’s is Pop Aye,  his pet.  So he bought the elephant from the mahoot, with the intention of bringing him back to his hometown. 

The walking journey becomes a self -discovery,  as he befriends and helps a vagabond,  a transvestite, a prostitute -people whom middle- class Bangkok dwellers would otherwise not interact with such intimacy. In the process,  he re-establishes his joyous relationship with Pop Aye.

Made by Singaporean Kirsten Tan,  the movie received 4* from Straits Times. As is common with art films,  you need to be patient to sit through the elephant pace of the movie,  which my companion and I were , as she is a Bangkok resident, and I who just need a distraction.  


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