Sunday Morning

Gratitude is waking up with aching soreness in your muscles

After the strenuous fitness workout yesterday

Knowing your body has not let you down

And is able to do it for another round today

Awe is a chance meeting with an elusive cobra

Its hood spread out in threatening glory

Along a non-descript suburban longkang

Amidst our bustling concrete jungle city

Joy is seeing the rare blooms of wild orchids

Cascading down like butterfly ribbons

Nature’s decorative tinsels

For the majestic rain trees

Amusement is the congregation of photographers

With their gigantic canon-like lenses

Taking aimed at bright fiery clusters of flaming florets

Awaiting to shoot the purple-throated sunbirds.

Love is watching the pair of yellow-vented bulbuls

As they crisscrossed my study windows

Working hard to build the nest on my pot of Japanese bamboo

To welcome their future pride and joy

Inspiration is seeing nature at work

And the lesson they teach me

A day of hope and happiness

Awaits if only you see

About vickychong

Just an ordinary woman.
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