We meet at the cafe finally

You order coffee and me tea

I’ve looked forward to our time

For in your company I secretly pine

But you have that far-away look

of being lost and not in the mood

Let me waft into your thoughts

Don’t you know it’s  your affection I sought

Your gaze eventually meets mine

Please read what’s on my mind

You give me that enigmatic smile

Which makes my heart leaps a hundred miles

Then you tell me about her

and how she has changed your world

She is the rainbow in your dreary life

And now you want her as your beloved wife

No, stop! Please don’t carry on

Yet, I let you continue your love song

My heart shatters like a tempered glass

I see our relationship eroding into a distant past

But what about us and what about me?

Look at me now and tell me what you see

My plastered smile begins to quiver

As your serenade goes on forever

I stand up abruptly, I have to go

Your warmth for her has left me feeling cold

You say to stay and meet your gal

So, she’s your gal and I am just your pal

I shake my head and take my leave

I need a space to nurse my grief

Jealousy is a bitter pill to swallow

A poor companion for my sorrow

I mourn as our relationship comes to an end

Goodbye to us, my love and friend.

About vickychong

Just an ordinary woman.
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