Birthday greeting to my best friend 

Happy Birthday!!  

We’re slowly but surely inching towards 60th but why do I feel I am in the prime of life?  

Okay,  I admit the pre menopausal symptoms are minor irritations I can’t ignore, and the weakening eye sight is stark reminder of old age,  but still,  I feel healthier and fitter than when we were students, which by the way,  I am one.  So perhaps that explains why I feel the way I do. 

I am enrolled in a Master of arts degree for creative writing at Lasalle College of the arts.  I love it although at times the readings involved is overwhelming.  I can’t believe I am a full time student at 51. 

My life is never static.  I resigned with deep remorse and sadness on 31/12 to pursue my dream of being a writer.  My colleagues were very sad to see me go and the feelings are mutual.  If you had been more active in facebook,  I wouldn’t have to go through these details  now. 

How’s N’s  enrolment?  Did she get into her choice of studies? 

My youngest son Aaron will be doing his A Levels at the end of the year.  Surprisingly I m not stressed with his studies,  since I have my own study stress.  

May all your wishes come true,  if you made any.  Please make time for yourself. Come visit soon. 

All my love, 


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