A Gift – movie review 

There’s this unexplained tightness in my chest, an emotional magma that is kept under lid which needs a trigger for it to either explode it out in the form of tummy-ached laughter  or heart wrenching cry. Or ooze out less dramatically with  a chortle or silent weep. I had tried reading books or watching movies. Novel One Day didn’t work,  neither did movie Bucket List, both which came recommended for that desired response. 

Then last night,  I went to watch Thai Movie,  The Gift,  and I was presented with my desired oozy  gift – a chortle and a weep. 

The movie comprises of three stories. The first,  a cute romance blossoms between a couple who are chosen to play the ambassador and his wife for a rehearsal of an award presentation night. He is tall and cute and has the wittiest pick up lines. 

The second story revolves around this close knit family. The daughter gives up her job to look after her father who suffers from Alzheimer after her mother passes away. He forgets who she is in one incident and that scene is just so heart breaking my tears flowed in tandem with the actress. She meets her mother’s piano tuner and they decide to plan her parents’ anniversary by playing her mother’s favourite song, which brings back happy memories for her father. There’s a hint of romance between the two. 

The last story is a touching comedy about a failed rocker who gives up his music to become a financial analyst, where he learns the table he sits on belongs to a pianist who died (in the second story) and imagines her haunting the office one late night, complete with scary music and jump out at you scenes. It’s all a scare for nothing when he discovers the company’s secret band. 

He’s roped in to the band and tries to get budget for a music room. 

The three songs featured in the three stories are composed by the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej as a gift to the country. They’re catchy sing-along songs which give the story the emotional notch I desired. 

Go watch. 


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  1. Sounds cathartic, alright!

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