Magnetism by F Scott Fitgerald


This is a collection of four short stories by F Scott Fitzgerald from the box collection of classical love story books I purchased eons ago.


I really enjoyed the stories and this might just spur me to read his novel The Great Gatsby that I keep hearing in my MACW course.

While his use of metaphors is limited, which surprises me, I really like reading his tender observation of human behaviours and relationships. (Here’s one I love..their eyes swept past each other’s, brushing like bird wings.) I particularly enjoy reading a man’s perspective in a relationship, although in some instances, the POV changes and we get an omniscient POV.

I was hooked on the first story – The Sensible Thing, a sad story about George O’Kelly getting turned away by his love, Jonquil, for not being successful in his career. His life took a change after his rejection and he returns to Jonquil, hoping to recapture their love, but is sadly turned away again.

The Bridal Party describes how Michael is invited to his lover’s wedding and discovers that Caroline is marrying a jerk on the verge of bankruptcy. But despite knowing all this, she still goes ahead with the wedding.

Magnetism is about an actor, George Hannaford, who attracts women without any effort (Margarate tells him, ‘You can’t control charm. It’s simply got to be used. You’ve got to keep your hand in if you have it, and go through life attaching people to you that you don’t want. I don’t blame you.’) He is on the verge of divorcing his wife Kay, had an affair with costar Helen Avery, and is now being blackmailed by a scriptwriter, Margarate Donovan, who has a crush on him.

The last story Bernice Bobs Her Hair, is an amusing tale about a dull girl Bernice who gets a dare to bob her hair by her cousin Marjorie, and exacted her own revenge at the end. Do note these stories are probably written in 1930s and early 40s, so a little perspective here helps.

Two down, eighteen more books from the collection to go, if I read all. It has been all enjoyable thus far.

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