Having My Fortunes Told 

I love having my fortune read.  Why else would I subscribe to a daily horoscope email which advises me on random visitors who didn’t turn up,  business ventures that were not proposed or a certain romantic man that I didn’t meet. Granted,  on rare times my Scorpio horoscope would  predict something vague but accurate and I would feel I striked a jackpot after reading it, although that feeling should rightly belong to the horoscope writer for getting  it right. 

Today,  I got my fortune read via a fortune cookie.  I couldn’t wait to eat it. I  swear I could finish the whole bag of cookies just to get a fortune message I like. 

The fortune message wasn’t a prediction as thought,  more like an afterthought advice I would read from the translation booklet at the Waterloo Street Kuan Yin temple after  I tossed out a fortune stick from the tumbler of sticks. 

“Don’t repeat the same mistake you’ve made before” – I am told. 

The first mistake that came to mind immediately was not to leave my essay until the very last hour before submission, like just now.  I struggled and couldn’t write blindly without a guide and topic. In the end, I had to resort to what my prof had advised against –  submit an old essay from my library and just edit it for word count. But that’s the way I usually work,  mistake or not. 

As I ruminated through my years,  I can’t really recall a conscious mistake I made.  Whatever decision taken was thought to be the best at that moment – mistake or not.  A man I met told me about a book he was reading on women and risks,  about the risk women take when they choose their spouses, have children or choosing careers over family. Funny I have never considered them risks,  just choices. 

Sometimes in the heat of the moment,  I will tell my youngest son the mistake I made in having him when I could have stopped at two.  That’s I agree was a terrible mistake. 

A bigger mistake in my life though is not to go after the things I had wanted in my youth – for lack of courage or pure laziness.  That boy I had liked in NUS,  the choice of subject or just plain request for things. Now I tell myself,  if I don’t ask,  the answer will always be NO.  I could have pursued my writing earlier and not wait until now. 

A big  mistake was to trust the wine investment guy too much and dumped a large sum of money into an investment with no returns. But then,  can trust ever be a mistake? 

Other frivolous mistakes I committed,  which I am ashamed to admit,  is over purchase – more clothes than I can wear, more books than I can read,  and more perishables that I can cook which eventually went into the bin. 

Regrets, I have a few,  but then again,  too few to mention,  so goes the song “My Way”, which nicely summarises my life. 

So okay,  there were a few mistakes and I will be sure not to repeat them. 


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2 Responses to Having My Fortunes Told 

  1. I think I tend to agree with you; these are choices, not mistakes or risks. I certainly have some choices I’ve made in the past that I wonder about. But then I look at where my life is now, and I realize that I wouldn’t be where I am, and that would be a shame. I love my life, and I’m grateful for my choices.

    I am also religious, so I tend to seek spiritual guidance when I feel lost. That always makes me feel a little more secure.

    Either way, thank you for sharing your thoughts! You’ve given me things to think about. 🙂


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