Oh My Ghost – Korean Drama

OK. I must admit I watch this drama shown over at TVN only because Jo Jung Suk was the main lead. I last saw him on Jealousy Incarnate (https://vickychong.wordpress.com/2016/11/21/jealousy-incarnate-korean-drama/) and and really like his cute persona on that drama. Well, he re-enacted a similar character in the romantic comedy to similar success.

The story starts with Na Bon Sun, a vey timid kitchen assistant who is secretly in love with her boss, Chef  Kang Sun Woo. Bon Sun has a secret. She can see ghosts and they frighten her so much she dares not sleep and finds herself dozing off in the day.

One day, Na Bon Sun is possessed by a virgin ghost Shin Soon Ae, trapped in the in-between world because of her resentment of still being a virgin. So overnight, Bon Sun becomes a gregarious  and flighty woman who flirts with all the men she meets. Chef Kang is charmed by her forwardness, as she tries to seduce him into sleeping with her.

On the side story, Soon Ae uncovers the mystery towards her death. She had apparently committed suicide, which is highly unlightly as she loves her father and brother too much to leave them to fend for themselves. Someone has murdered her but who? She gets Bon Sun to help find out the truth.

Chef finds himself falling for Bon Sun, except that is it Bon Sun he loves? Or Soon Ae, the ghost? When Bon Sun, with the help of Soon Ae, confess to Chef of the real story, she is also in doubt as to who Chef actually loves – the timid Bon Sun, or the fun Soon Ae?

Although the story ended with a happy note that he indeed was attracted to Bon Sun at first sight, I have my doubt. But then, that’s doesn’t matter. All we want is a happy ending. Or do we?



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