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Happy Chinese Year šŸ“Ā 

May the rooster year Rouse you to greater heights  Accompanied by mother hen Supporting you through your plight For youā€™re not alone  Like chicks you will take flight  Be as proud as a peacock fan And display your glorious might … Continue reading

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Post Grad First MonthĀ 

As soon as people hear I am doing post grad studies,  they would ask for more information-how is the course, can I cope, etc.  I told them to give me a month to experience it.  The course literally started with … Continue reading

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Having My Fortunes ToldĀ 

I love having my fortune read.  Why else would I subscribe to a daily horoscope email which advises me on random visitors who didn’t turn up,  business ventures that were not proposed or a certain romantic man that I didn’t … Continue reading

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Oh My Ghost – Korean Drama

OK. I must admit I watch this drama shown over at TVN only becauseĀ Jo Jung Suk was the main lead. I last saw him on Jealousy Incarnate ( and and really like his cute persona on that drama. Well, he … Continue reading

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Read. Write. Tell. Communities Book Club DinnerĀ 

Until I attended this event last night,  I hadn’t known how much the National Library Board (NLB)  has done to promote reading and writing among the community.  I was invited to the event as I belong to the Singapore Literature … Continue reading

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Sky Burial – Xin Ran

This was highly recommended by my aunt who shoved me a few book by this author. I don’t particularly like translated work, but this Epic Love Story of TibetĀ fascinated me. So instead of starting with the book that has made … Continue reading

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My boss had sent me an email about the charity show by ComChest just before Christmas. I was spending my last few days at work and thought it would be a good way of paying back to the company that … Continue reading

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