Last Day

Today is the last day I put on my purple uniform, but the farewells began yesterday. 

As I stepped into Beauty World station,  I said a sullen goodbye to Fang,  whose kindness have made my daily travel to work so much nicer,  as when she asked simply why I don’t dry my hair. 

I missed three trains as we said our goodbyes,  probably for the last time. 

As I changed train at Newton, Halimah was there as usual,  with her “Good morning, my dear” like how she often did whenever she saw me. I admire her cheerfulness and how she makes the passengers feel so welcomed. 

Down at Novena underpass,  Dennis was there crooning,  as he has done every time I walked by.  Sometimes his songs reminisce, other times he inspires, as when that time he sang “when I was just a little girl,  I asked my mother,  what should I be? ” and so we sang this for Grandma during Mother’s Day dinner. Most times,  I would continue singing his verses as I  continued my walk to office, crooning “Put your sweet lips,  a little closer to the phone,  let’s pretend that we’re together all alone..”

I also had to whatsapp (a new technology since I last worked) to the various chat groups I am part of at work. It was heartwarming receiving their thanks and warm wishes for my future writing career and how they viewed me – You are helpful and sincere, at heart.

Which incidentally, I hadn’t  really wanted to reveal that I am going back to school for a Master degree but by not revealing also casts questions on the reasons I am leaving.  So it’s with  reluctance that I tell them the truth and now must ensure I succeed.

Yesterday the team celebrated the festive season with a potluck and gift exchange. Ann,  our pioneer,  gave a heartfelt speech on how I mothered everyone in the office and bonded the team,  which means taking care but also reprimanding – thus earning me the nickname  mummy  in the office which I wore with reluctance. 

It felt like Christmas again as I was piled with gifts to remember them by. 

As colleague Eric tells me in his handmade bookmark to me,  my journey is never truly over,  it just changed course. 

And my new course has just begun. 


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4 Responses to Last Day

  1. As one train leaves, another one arrives, Bon Voyage Victoria 😀

  2. Sjaak van der Zande says:

    To end something means always to begin something new and exciting. No time for regrets and looking back. You can’t change the past, only the now. And the future? “Who knows? Good? Bad?”, we always hope for the best. Follow your heart or RADAR and everthing will come good. Trust it, because they never lie to you. Ajahn Brahm in his last talk “How do you judge the year?”
    30th of December 2016. A Buddhistic saying: if you want more, you can’t enjoy what you have. Be happy with what you have. Again a great talk with laughter and happiness. He is very good.
    So Vicky, whatever you do, create your own happiness. That is the most important. We are all good enough, whatever we do and what we are.

    • vickychong says:

      Thanks Jack for the reminder. It’s true. Good Bad Who knows. Just go with the flow. I missed Ajahn Brahm’s last Thursday. 😕
      Have a Happy New Year and be healthy!

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