La La Land – Movie Review 

It was touted as a feel good movie with definite Oscar potential. Well,  midway during the movie I was looking at the clock. 

I love a good old fashioned romance movie and I think the Koreans and Thai have nailed it.  Or perhaps it’s the cultural differences?  But I doubt so as I grew up on Mills and Boons.

This musical starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling is set in Hollywood (perhaps that’s why the disconnectiveness).  Mia is an actress wannabe working in a coffee joint in a Hollywood studio and Seb is a Jazz pianist hoping to open his own jazz bar. They meet,  fall in love,  then realise that their dream is not happening. Mia writes and performs a one woman play to a nearly empty house,  and Seb hears her defending him on his dream.  So he joins a band and the band becomes so successful he spends less and less time with Mia.  Dejected with her career,  Mia leaves for her home town and then things start happening.  She gets a call and goes to Paris.  

Five years later,  she’s a successful actress with a rich husband and a toddler. They go into a Jazz bar and it’s owned by Seb. 

And a what – ifs flashback starts rolling. What if everything had gone according to plans,  and while together,  she gets her audition and he gets his bar,  then it would be them in a beautiful house and a toddler…. 

But things never go according as planned, right? 

Perhaps they not ending together was why I didn’t like it?  I don’t know. 


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One Response to La La Land – Movie Review 

  1. cypflorence says:

    I loved this movie, and I intend to watch it a second time. Why? It’s all in my blog! 🙂

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