Nak Nakara Hotel, Chiang Rai

We booked this hotel from upon arriving to Chiang Rai and I thought it was a steal at 1900b (S$80). The 4-star hotel had a high-8 review,  is 10 minutes stroll from the shopping street and the price included breakfast buffet for two. 

The staff was friendly and could speak mandarin,  an indication of how popular Chiang Rai is with PRC tourists. 

My request for double bed was agreed easily. Simply furnished,  the room lacks coziness due to the cool ceramic tiles and ceiling light. The bed was comfortable though and I was grateful for the double pillows each. 

All the mini bar items are free,  which consisted of three cans and a packet of soft drinks,  two packets of peanuts,  plus the usual lipton tea/ Nescafe coffee.

Toiletry amenities included tooth brushes,  q-tips and shower caps. A full large bottle of shampoo and body gel sat on shower stall. 

We returned from shopping in the cold night only to discover there was no hot water despite guiltily  leaving the shower on for some time. The hot water was still not available in the morning and I had to wash my hair in cold water in wintery 20deg C weather. 

We had initially decided to visit Golden Triangle early morning and were told breakfast could be packed for us.  But the buffet beckoned and we decided to delay the visit and take the buffet instead. 

The menu was satisfactory – salad and fruit plate, cereal counter,  sushi,  warm western continental breakfast of sausages and tomatoes, local fried rice, mixed vegetables, porridge and an assortment of bread. Outside,  I made my way to the noodle stand for a soupy pork noodle and ordered a poached egg from the egg stand next to it. 

Other than pineapple and orange juice,  lipton tea and coffee,  I was delighted to find a specialty oolong tea cabinet,  offering an assortment of blended oolong,  my favorite tea. 

Unfortunately,  we were here only for one night and checking out was swift and easy since payment had been made during check-in.  The manager was apologetic about the hot water and said I should have brought it to their attention immediately instead of suffering through the cold shower. 

What was a most delightful surprise when he handed each check out guest a paper bag of snacks for our onward journey.  Now that’s what I call true hospitality. 


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