Jatujak Gallery and Restaurant,  Chiang Rai 

I found this restaurant by chance while googling for cashew nuts. It has raving Trip Advisor’s reviews and since it’s just located at the shopping street,  we decided to try it out. 

While the prices here are much higher than what I have been paying for the past few days,  the portions here are correspondingly three times bigger, enough to feed a group of five easily. 

For appetizers, we ordered the Northern Thailand Hors D’Oeuvres (199b,  S$8). The large plate consists of Thai sausages deep fried pork skin(sinful but yummy), ngoh hiang(Teochew stuffed sausage) , assortment of steamed vegetables, peanuts,  raw garlic, chili padi and shredded ginger, and a chili dip I suspect blended with basil. We don’t particularly know how to eat the spices, the steamed cabbage being too limp to wrap the meat with the condiments like how the Koreans would do with their lettuce and bulgogi. 

The sea bass in two styles (299b,S$12) looks interesting. Fillet sea bass is deep fried in tempura with tempura vegetables in one, and stir-fried in black pepper in another.  

Served with a plum dip and chili sauce,  it is delicious without both. 

The last dish of obligatory vegetable is deep fried morning glory which I first tried in Bangkok.  Here,  the tempura vegetables is served with seafood tomato in creamy curry. Eat the tempura vegetables on its own or dizzle the curry over, and you get the dish in two unique flavors.  (120b,  S$6)

Food aside,  the restaurant has feature art pieces behind clusters of settees and destressed furniture for that gallery feel.  A mix of 80s and contemporary music (including Korean hits)  plays softly in the background. 

Do visit when in Chiang Rai. 


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