360 deg Cafe and Restaurant by Phu Jaya Resort, Chiang Mai 

This cafe nearby was recommended by our resort for its reasonable prices but we discovered that the prices here were twice that elsewhere. 

It has nice ambience with jazz music Playing in the background but was empty throughout our meal there. We could have left but for the kind waiter who brought my traveling companion a cup of complimentary hot tea for her motion sickness.  In Thailand, unlike in Singapore,  all beverage is charged,  including bottled water. 

We decided to just order from the recommended top ten in the menu. 

My vegetable soup in creamy coconut and galangah was perfect for the cold temperature. I would have preferred more vegetables like potatoes and carrots.  Instead,  the baby corn and onions camouflaged with the lemongrass and galangah, which I had to keep removing the latters from my mouth. Otherwise I love it. (180b) 

My husband’s pork chop,  although tough,  was delicious in its creamy sauce and rice.  (250b) 

My other companion complained that her chicken breast was not well-cooked but otherwise delicious in galangah cream. 

The other companion,  suffering from motion sickness in the two hour mountain road drive,  couldn’t eat her dinner and the waiter kindly packed for her. 

Total dinner without drinks was 980b. Special mention must go to our waiter who served us complimentary warm water midway without us requesting for it. What great services. 

The Thai- European fusion was a nice change and in the end,  we didn’t mind paying a little more for great food and wonderful service. 


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3 Responses to 360 deg Cafe and Restaurant by Phu Jaya Resort, Chiang Mai 

  1. Wah, so cheap. Over here, my family has to work extremely hard on what to order (maybe like two person share a dish) to keep under US$30 for the cheapest restaurant with service waiter/waiteresses.

  2. And sometimes after paying that price, we get a waitress who will scold you (amybe you make too much mess; or come after you (at the door when leaving) because your tips is “not enough”.

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